Sunday, January 29, 2017

T2 movie review

T2 is a delight to watch. 3 superlatives -- excellent actors and their chemistry, Danny Boyle's direction, great comedy building up from the original. Fun watch. 5 stars.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

After the Flood!

My thoughts after a cycle ride into the Thames Estuary last week:

After the Flood
Cycling down along the Thames in the winter,
Three layers, five socks, ski gloves, li'l shiver,
Never saw, the barrier flood upstream
Seagull, which way to take, to meet your team
Busy Sir, miracle, for a fisher!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Movie Review: La La Land: 5 Stars

Something is holding this movie back from being a classic of the future -- can't put my finger on it. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone give lovely performances. The light and cinematography are delicious. The music is nice -- who are these people who don't like jazz. At some point the movie switches from musical to "what could have been" -- this came to me as a late cram in -- had this been given its due space -- perhaps La La Land would one to remember and keep going back to. Even without that it's worth a watch and worth 5 stars!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hip-hop Dance Theatre - Blak Whyte Gray by Boy Blue Entertainment

Boy Blue's 2010 production Pied Piper is still in memories where founder Asante played the piper that rids London of its vermin!

Blak Whyte Gray is very allegorical, fusing contemporary dance, African rhythms and Hip-hop. The dance is superlative, the troop is just amazing. However, the contemporary element left me guessing the meaning for each act --perhaps you have to find what resonates with you most, but left me with that feeling of unfinished satisfaction. The Barbican is a great venue as usual. The troop gives it all, a visual spectacle. 4 stars.

Short Story Review: Divide by Zero by Ted Chiang

Divide by Zero by Ted Chiang

Short Story Review. Without giving away spoilers -- this is a really nice story that raises a very revolting question -- how would one react to it if something one believes in deeply as fundamental to one's being is proven untrue, by oneself! The structure with the math interludes are nice too. It does leave me with a sense of little vagueness at the end, 4 stars for that. :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Dresser – Duke of York

Caught a Duke of York production of the Dresser. A Lear in a Lear — this one covers an aging, ailing Shakespearan actor and his Dresser who finds ways to propound and motivated him for the show of the evening. Ken Stott and Reece Shearsmith come together as lead actor “Sir” and Norman “The Dresser” –both giving some stellar performances. The laughs don’t get in the way of a tragic build up to an expected end. This one is about a spent actor and his band. 5 stars.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Once In a Lifetime: Young Vic ★★★★☆

Happened to catch a Monday evening production of Once In a Lifetime -- a satirical play written at cusp of talkies breaking away and eclipsing silent cinema. The motley cast of characters are hilarious. The show is a visual delight though. The costumes are awesome -- all the black and white costumes that I had always scene in the silent era -- I got to see in colour. The moving set is amazing too. It takes you back to the 30s. The support cast of studio owner, the waiter and the receptionist are just brilliant. The main cast leaves a little wanting at times though. A treat nonetheless. 4 stars from me.

Harry Enfield as Herman Glogauer on a rocking horse with a film camera