Saturday, December 20, 2014

government inspector at pleasance theatre

This cast of 5 boys that play some 20 odd characters with accents far and wide from British Isles come together in a hilarious farce at pleasance theatre's production of nikolai goggles government inspector. A sort of comedy of errors it picks on human greed, pandering and dare I say Lust. Not a dull moment and the end leaves you with a ask for more. The boys play characters young and old. Particularly funny were the ladies and the love scene in the middle.

This is a must watch with a five star rating from me.

Monday, December 8, 2014

German ß ("eszett") & Typographic ligatures

I've been trying to teach myself some basic German and been finding DeutschFuerEuch very helpful. Anyway acquainted myself with the German eszett, ß and that got me reading on the world of typographic ligatures and their evolution. Good ole ampersand (&) turns out to be a form of Latin et. How manuscript writing and typing led to these is very well worth a read. Anyway, shout out once again to Katja from  DeutschFuerEuch - her lessons are very well worth your time if you plan to travel to German speaking countries and would like to have your kitty of phrases - she's very nice.